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The Alliance of Central European Universities (hereinafter referred to as Alliance) is a newly-established supranational institution for the purpose of cooperation and mutual assistance in the field of education, scientific-research, publication and consultancy. It is a groupment of universities and educational societies on the basis of voluntariness and the effort to solve problems of local, national and global significance in all areas of graduate and post-graduate study, scientific and research and application activity. The particular activities of the Alliance are listed in the attached leaflet, which states:

- the exchange of students between partner schools within the European Credit System

- the exchange of postgraduate students of partner schools within the European Credit System

- internships for partner schools’ teacher within their career development with an emphasis on gaining their foreign experiences

-  advisory and consultancy activity for partner universities in the issues of common interest, especially in terms of schools’ responses to the regulatory state interventions, the marketing of education etc.

- methodological, pedagogical and organisational assistance to organisations in  gaining study programme accreditation, including accreditation at the national and European scales

- developing the activities of the  International Strategic Alliance – Research Agency

( ISA-RA) grant agency

- gradual improvement of the teaching quality management system at higher education institutes and universities. Certifying these quality systems in order to verify them in practise in accordance with European and world standards

- creating conditions for the realization of the synergic effect of the teaching activity. Assistance in implementing common study programmes of higher education institutions from different countries, holding scientific and theoretical conferences, workshops, transfer of the “best practise“ etc.

- maximum support and coordination of activities in the area of  further professional education following the non-graduate activities of higher education institutions and universities. To the extent possible, we help with obtaining respective national and international accreditations also in this area.

- the operation of shared service centers which will provide the interested parties with e.g. publication activity (also abroad), electronic education systems or exchange trainee-ships and study abroad of students, teachers etc.



In addition to the mentioned activities, we have also other options that fit to the overall concept of the Alliance activity.

-           along with the Ohře media publishing house in Žatec (the CR),  there is operated a specialized ESHS (Economy-Social-Humanities-Science) website, which is focused on the issues of former Central and Eastern Europe countries towards a market economy and democracy. Specialized articles from various scientific disciplines are published in the English language within the website, at www.rewiewarticle.org. This activity is carried out along with the New York University; in addition a review procedure takes place. A reviewed paper can be published in foreign review media of a leading American university.

-           publications are released within the Educational National Panel editing series focused on the printing of scientific monographs and specialised books. The publications are thematically focused on the problematic areas of the entire educational system in individual countries and in addition to the domestic provenance, translations from abroad are published as well.

-           the third area in establishing cooperation consists in common scientific and research projects. There is a prepared project which is focused on the determination of the entrepreneurial potential of university students, for which an international consortium of researchers is being planned.

A creative group of workers is working on a challenge to submit and solve other such projects.

The interested party will obtain the statute and organizational order after the binding application has been delivered.

On the conclusion it should be noted that the membership in the Alliance of Central European Universities is based on mutual cooperation, mutual assistance and the informedness of member organisations.


In Bratislava on 9.1.2018

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