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Dear Mr.                                                                       in Bratislava, on January 15, 2018

Re: An offer for membership in the Alliance of Central European Universities


Dear Mr. Rector (President),


Allow me to greet you most heartily and to thank you for your cooperation so far in solving problems of the education, scientific and research as well as  publication activity. I wish you many personal and work accomplishments.


In this context, I’m writing to you in terms of an offer of the Director of European Strategic Alliance, PhDr. Marcel Chládek, MBA, MSc., Minister of Education Emeritus of the Czech Republic for membership in the newly-founded Alliance of Central European Universities. More information is available in the information sheet. We believe that our offer will be an interest to you and that your university (scholarly scientific society) will become an active part of the Alliance.


In case of your positive decision, we ask you to send the completed Alliance Membership Application signed by the statutory representative to the address given.


Yours sincerely,

        Dr.h.c. prof mpx. h.c., prof. Ing. Vladimír Gozora, PhD. MBA

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